Bring pleasure into
your everyday

Pleasure is personal to you – it looks, feels, and sounds different to everyone and everybody. That’s why we’re exploring intimacy through conversations and rituals so that you can discover pleasure as wellness.

So, whoever you are and whatever you’re into, we’re here for all of it.


Through conversations, we are exploring people’s relationships to themselves, to others, to wellness, and to pleasure.

By showing other people’s perspectives we aim to create space, not define it, because every one of us – me & you & him & her & they & we, have a story to tell.

Conversation creates change, so let’s get talking.

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Connect your mind and body through everyday pleasure and wellness rituals.

Pleasure is in everything – it’s that feeling when you take the first sip, the warmth when you snuggle into your blanket, and it’s the release when you use the massager you love. It’s how you feel, it’s everywhere, and it’s everyday.

That’s why we have curated a collection of rituals that touch every pleasure point; because sexuality is part of you and your wellness.

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