Bring pleasure into
your everyday

We believe sex and pleasure are rich, spiritual pathways of the human experience - and they are accessible to everyone and everybody.  

To say sinners indulge in sex and pleasure, while saints are celibate and simple - is to create a schism between the mind and the body where we must choose between the separate two.

Western ideology has disconnected us from ourselves and from our intimate partners.  We’ve lost touch with the ancient rituals that ground us in our bodies and the experience of being connected to ourselves and others.

One & Body acknowledges the presence of sex and pleasure as integral parts of our experience as human beings. We reject the idea that sex is for sinners or simply a biological function to be managed by our minds.

Our mission is to help you create deeper connections with yourself and others: to realize existence is one - body & mind, together. We dare you to harmonize the existence of the two. Don’t wait any longer: bring sex and pleasure into your everyday, and live the rich human life accessible to all.


Connect your mind, body and soul through everyday pleasure and wellness rituals.

Pleasure is in everything – it’s that feeling when you take the first sip of coffee in the morning, the warmth when you snuggle into your blanket, and it’s the release when you use the massager you love. It’s how you feel, it’s everywhere, and it’s everyday.

The Ritual

That’s why we created RITUAL N°1 to help you set the mood to enhance the intimacy rituals that touch every pleasure point; because sexuality is part of you and your wellness.