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One & Body RITUAL N°1 | Monthly Mood Kit (50 HR Burn Scented Candle + 10ml Body Safe Essential Oil + 60 Bespoke Matches/Diffuser Jar)

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RITUAL N°1 is the sexy conversation starter and ultimate mood enhancer for your home, brought to you by One & Body - the conscious sex brand.

Made with love in Bali - the beautiful mood kit featuring the aphrodisiac scent of ylang ylang and every kit ships with a 50 hour burn scented candle and with 10ml of body safe 100% Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (for massage, or diffusing) - which encourages the use of all the human senses as a ritualistic gateway to deeper connections to yourself and others.

RITUAL N°1 is affordable luxury available even cheaper with Subscribe and Save where you can enjoy 35% off by subscribing for a monthly delivery (and you'll also enjoy forever free shipping, always, on every shipment). Subscriptions are easy to manage, and easy to cancel.

And if you don't love the scent, we offer a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. Just shoot us an email or phone us 24/7, tell us you didn't like the scent, and we'll refund 100% of your order.

Each Mood Kit Includes:

  • FIRE - 60 Bespoke Matches & Diffuser Jar
  • FLAME - 1 Premium Scented Candle by One & Body (50 HR burn time)
  • OIL - 10ml Body Safe Essential Oil (doubles as massage oil and scented diffuser oil)
  • DECOR - 5 Diffuser Reeds (once the matches are used, the jar doubles as a diffuser bottle)

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Enhance Intimacy

Set time aside to connect with yourself and others. RITUAL N°1 is your mood enhancement go-to, always inviting you to indulge your senses through a strike of a match, light of the wick, and dab or diffuse of ylang ylang.

Sexy Home Decór

Make a Statement

RITUAL No. 1 is designed to catch attention and start conversations...be proud of your candle from the conscious sex brand, and let the world know you are bringing pleasure into your everyday.

Set the Mood

Lose the ugly lighter

RITUAL N°1 contains 60 extra-long bespoke wood matches in a glass jar (that doubles as a diffuser!), because: (1) the bedroom is no place for your BBQ lighter and (2) there is nothing sexy about thumb burns and smoke smudges.

Ylang Ylang - Balis Aphrodisiac

Get in The Mood

Ritual No. 1 contains 10ml of body-safe 100% ylang ylang essential oil - an intoxicatingly seductive scent (cue: diffuse, dab on skin, or massage with carrier oil) that is sure to set the mood. Ylang ylang is one of Balis most powerful aphrodesiacs and is reputed to increase individual libido and the connection between sexual partners. Due to the balancing effect on feminine and masculine energies, ylang ylang enhances feelings of personal attractiveness and promotes intense eroticism, sexual exploration and liberated experimentation.

A Bold Statement

Impress Your Guests

RITUAL No. 1 comes with 5 diffuser reeds, so you can repurpose your match jar each month as a diffuser, and enjoy the sensual scent even longer. Power your diffuser each month with RITUAL No. 1s ylang ylang essential oil (but be sure to save some to douse on yourself and others).

Deeper Connections

Conscious Sex

RITUAL No. 1 by One & Body is a toolkit to the path of conscious sexuality, which we believe begins with deepening connections with the Self and others. Rituals serve as pillars for this exploration, designating time for intimate moments with those you love and a roadmap for a life of authenticity and meanining.

From the Soul

Made in Bali, with Love

RITUAL No. 1 is made in Bali with love, with the intent of bringing the wisdom of Eastern culture into modern lives to deepen the connections ourselves and others, and a more connected peaceful way of being. In exchange for these teachings, One & Body is committed to giving back to Bali by directly sourcing local materials, providing meaningful work opportunities and building long-term relationships with the Balienese community.

RITUAL N°1 | Monthly Mood Kit (50 HR Burn Scented Candle + 10ml Body Safe Essential Oil + 60 Bespoke Matches/Diffuser Jar) Q&A

What’s in the Box?
• 60 Bespoke Matches & Diffuser Jar
• 1 Premium Scented Candle by One & Body (50 HR burn time)
• 10ml Body Safe 100% Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (doubles as massage oil and scented diffuser oil)
•5 Diffuser Reeds (once the matches are used the jar doubles as a diffuser bottle)
How does the subscription work?
Products are automatically delivered on your schedule. NO obligation modify or cancel your subscription anytime.  Easily customize or update your subscription settings at anytime
Do you ship to Canada?
Yes! You can find more details on shipping and delivery in our One&Body FAQ's.

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United States

A-Plus...this is what a "***" candle should smell like!! Bit of a tricky one, but One & Body hit it out of the park. Candle seems to burn nice and clean, and it's a good size, not too big and not too small. Price was right. All in all, I'm happy and love getting restocked every month. Even if I don't burn the candle in the month, I keep the extras as gifts for birthdays/weddings/christmas when it comes up.

Indonesia Indonesia

I am a discerning consumer of candles - and this product is top notch. Long burn time, no smoke, beautiful scent that fills any room and a beautifully ambient glow. I absolutely love the Ylang Ylang scent - and it makes for a great conversation starter when displayed in my home. Alongside the matches and oil, it's an invitation...come light me and let's have some fun.

Debora f.
United States
Amazing gift - very happy!!!

Cute gift and smells great Got this for my boyfriend for his new home. I love the scent. It's a mix of a sensual flower and something masculine slightly? Either way, I got it for the *** candle mood kit and am completely happy with the gift set!

United States
Sexy & Understated

Awesome kit. Smells amazing and is kinda sexy in an understated way.

Nuka K.
United States
Sexy and unique

This is my second month getting the full candle/diffuser/oil kit... It's is the most amazing, sexy and unique scents. Every person who comes to my home immediately asks me �what is that amazing candle?� and they always ask if they can strike a match to light it!! When I tell them it's an aphrodisiac, everyone always asks me where they can get it!

United States
Sets the mood :)

~vibe~ The candle / diffuser pair is well-made and smells good without being overpowering/too sharp. Sets a good mood and constitutes an integral part of my apartment vibe. I love how many compliments I get from my guests.

United States
Love! Love! The ultimate vibe for singles...

You basically need one of these in your home if you are single and ready to mingle.... Wish I could give this kit more than 5 stars. I purchased �RITUAL simply because its an easy way to make my place a whole vibe. I wasn't expecting such an incredible smell but Im so pleased with this product. It's helped me get laid several times haha

United States
Great for gift season

I need these year round Love these great for the gift season I use them all year round personally too

Tom N.
United States
Smells great, long burn!

Five Stars Yes liked it very much. Gone too soon. need more. Thanks,

United States
5 stars Wonderful

You need to try it. These became the household favorite candle brand. The longevity is the best I've seen and everyone who visits the house asks to light it and where I got it

Olga B.
United States
:) Wonderful aroma

YOU need THIS! I love everything about this candle and oil! The aesthetic, the scent! Definitely planning on buying more!

United States
Scent could be more powerful

Three Stars needs to have a stronger scent.

Can't S.
United States
Scent too weak

Two Stars needs more sent

Robbie a.
United States
Broken in package

They need to learn how to package them better because the entire bottom of the glass jar was busted! The smell was good and that's all because the glass was broken and this is the second one

United States
Amazing Amazing

Alluring and pleasant scents I enjoy the scents from the candle and oil immensely. Other candles may be cheaper, but the quality of this gift set shines through. I took a chance on "ritual 1" and ended up loving it. I love the smell, and we use the whole kit to set the mood. Lighting the candle with teh matches is a pleasant reminder to get back to that relaxed place

United States
A+ - Obsessed and smells fantastic!

Absolutely Delicious!!! I bought the Ritual N01 candle/essential oil kit and it is the ultimate scent. I am obsessed with the way it smells and it burns to evenly and nice.It is the nicest gift to give someone (aka MYSELF). Really fresh smelling and not too overpowering. Def going to buy another!!!