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Royal Ultra Thin XL

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Royals are raising the healthy condom bar. And by far. Made with high-quality ingredients, they’re 100% vegan, ultra-thin, exquisitely lubricated, and safe for everybody. These XL Royals provide a snug fit for those who need a bit more room.

• 190mm minimum length, 56mm width, and a 0.0056mm thickness
• Safe, simple ingredients include natural latex, sulfur, zinc oxide, Irganox-1330, potassium hydroxide, Zinc-N-dibutyl-dithio-carbonate, oleic acid, ammonia liquor, Cetodec-500, bentonite clay, Vultamol NN 8906, USP Corn Starch, silicone, and food-grade flavour

Vegan, organic, and gluten-free, offering a completely odourless experience
Perfectly lubricated to keep up with your play
Triple-tested and FDA-approved strength

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A Premium Experience

Royals are designed with sustainably-sourced, natural rubber latex. They’re 100% vegan, organic, spermicide-, gluten- and casein-free. With these premium, clear, and odourless condoms, you can stay in the moment and fully protected.


Supreme Comfort

Everyone seeks that indulgently wet experience. Royals are lined with a safe-to-ingest, pH-balanced lubricant, providing the optimum conditions for comfort and play. For a little more fun, use with:

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Anti-Tear Construction

Put oral, vaginal, or butt play front-of-mind (and protection to the back) with these ultra-safe condoms. 30% thinner than other brands—but triple-tested (cruelty-free) and FDA-cleared for strength and reliability—Royals offer heightened sensation and high durability.

Ultra Thin XL Q&A

Can I use these in water?
Yes. These are great for showers and use in clean water. Avoid soaps, oils, and anything other than water and lubricant. Take extra care to watch out for condom slippage or breakage.
Can I use lubricant with these?
Yes. Royals are lightly lined with pH-balanced ingestible lubricant but you can certainly add more lubricant based on your preference. Ensure you use water or silicone based lubricants only.
How do I know if I am allergic to latex?
We always recommend consulting with your medical professional if you have any questions relating to allergens. However, you have likely interacted with latex before (condoms, balloons, gloves), if you’ve had no issues in the past you might not have an allergy.

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Aina Z.

It's feels so natural. What you see is what you get! :)

Zorica W.

LOVE that I can still feel everything!

Marcus A.
Vegan Friendly!

I'm vegan and wanted to find something vegan and all natural. They are microthin and it feels like I've got nothing on. Giving it 4 stars!